About the program

The app share program is a program developed by WeDesignSA, its main objective is to get more South Africans involved in the fourth industrial revolution by providing ordinary South Africans the opportunity to own mobile apps and share in their growth and success.

The program is designed to help those who are looking to grow their capital in both long and short term bases, as well as those who see the bigger picture of owning a life time asset.

How it works

The ownership of every app developed under the program is divided into 1000 shares. WeDesignSA retains 30% of these shares in the interest of continued development and improvement of the app. The rest of the shares are offered to the public for sale at periodic intervals. 

Every app goes through a development life cycle with multiple milestones along the way, these include, planning, design, prototyping, development, testing and deployment, more milestones are also included after the development life cycle like e.g first 1000 users.

 WeDesignSA releases a certain amount of shares at every milestone, at a certain price for each milestone. Prices are determined by the total amount it costs to reach that milestone.

How you can benefit

Short term

Each app goes through a development and growth lifecycle with milestones along the way, the app shares increase at every milestone, which allows you to buy low and sell high. Every app has its own milestone sheet that you have access to, use it to plan your purchase and sell strategy, we have a team of consultants who are available to help you purchase and sell. Take note that sales are dependent on demand.

Long term

Buy shares now, hold on to them till the app is in production and starts generating profit. Once we get to this point 80% of all profits minus total costs will be paid out as dividends to share holders. The remaining 20% will then be reinvested into the app to insure growth and adaptation over the years.

A unique way to grow your capital

You are purchasing shares to a digital platform and your share prices are determined by development and other related costs. Selling the entire app would still return your cash at share price, so you will never be at a total loss.

We own 30% of the app, this way we are invested in the project ourselves and so we’ll always be available to improve and maintain the app once it’s in production.

You have access to every apps milestone sheet, which gives estimated duration to reach the next milestone and the projected share price, this gives you the ability to plan your strategy and an idea of how long it will take to get the app to production.

This program is unique and straight forward, an extensive amount of research went into making sure that it benefits all who get involved while at the same time, we are building apps that will shape the future of South Africa, turning it into Africa’s tech hub.

We are dedicated to the development, maintenance and growth of all the apps under the program, making your shares a life time asset.

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