Mobile App Development

WeDesignSA Develops custom mobile applications for any industry that you can imagine, from map based Uber like apps to Hospital patient management apps, we do it all. All our development is done in house ensuring a smooth and efficient development process.

Native App Development

Native App development is best suited for applications that require extensive use of core device features,  such applications are usually heavy and run smoother when they are native to the device. This approach will require for us to develop an App for both Android and IOS which makes the cost higher than having a hybrid App.

We push to deliver quality at an affordable rate. Our native App development has a base price of R15 000 for each platform. Click the button below to request a quotation.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid Apps have become popular with both developers and clients, for developers it brings less work trying to get Apps on different platforms to behave identically, while clients have the benefit of having one App developed helping them bring down the cost of development. 

Our hybrid App development has a base price of R10 000 for an App that will be deployable on both Android and IOS.